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15 other phone tricks below for free. It may sound like I am telling you to do these tricks, but I am not. This document is just to show people how they can be hacked, to help them prevent it from happening to them. The phone tricks have to be revealed in order for this to be known. I am not telling you to do these tricks. Don't do them if it is illegal. It only sounds like I am telling people to do them, because that is the best way for them to be explained. I repeate, don't do these phone tricks illegally.
This document is for information purposses only.

 I am in no way connected, to anything
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This document is for information purposes
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15 ways that people can cut into your phone conversations


Way number 1

Reqirement1: You must know both of
the talking parties numbers, who you
wish to cut into.....................
Reqirement2: Both of the parties must
have the call waiting feature inabled.
most cell phones have it............
Reqirement 3: You must have access to
 two of your own phones, each phone
must feature three way calling....
Step1: Call yourself on one of your
phones, and answer it.............
Step2: Do three way to both of the
numbers that you wish to cut into,
by clicking the flash botton on
both phones, dialing the numbers,
and then clicking each flash botton
once again. You should hear both of
the called parties ring tones, on each
 phone. When using cellular You
must wait for an answer before
clicking back to your line. So I
prefer using landline, over cellular.
If successfull both partys will see that
their getting another call. They will
 both click through and be brought to
 your line. They will hear each other
 when they get there, And will think
 because of that, the calls must have
 been dropped. Therefore they will
never know your there unless you
make yourself known............
If you wanna get a little tecnical
you can cut into a conversation
only knowing the number of the
person who you wish to cut into.
Just forward your number to
theirs Make sure the phone rings
at least 3 times before it clicks over.
It would help if the person your
forwarding to recieves calls from
your number. Wait for someone to
call then check your caller Id. You
now know both numbers. And you
know the call is gonna go through
to the persons number that you've
been wanting to hack. Now that you
have both numbers just follow the
steps listed, and if both parties have
call waiting. And they both answer
their call. They should both be
brought to your line...........
some reasons to want to cut in.
1: You want to find out whats going
on in your kids conversations......
How to make it work.
Tell your kids to answer all call waiting calls.
If your good friends with the other kids parents,
tell them to tell there kids to answer all call waiting
calls too. Then you can both cut in. If your talking to
your friend, and wish to cut in. He/she could dial his
kids number. And you could dial your kids number.
three way. Then click back to each other......
If there not talking on the phone it may still work.
They may just start up a conversation. A little bit
More about that is listed in trick 3.
2: Think husband/wife is cheating.
Best way to cut in.
Just forward your number to your husband/wifes
cell phone. If he/she gets calls at your number, this
should work. Just follow the steps (listed ealier) wich
show how to do this.


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If your talking to someone on
the phone who has someone on
the other line. And they want
you to join the conversation
Just tell the person who you
are talking to, that your gonna
call them back and if tboth
answer there call waiting then
you will be on the phone when
they answer it. And they will
both be able to talk to you.
Then proform the same steps as
you would in trick 1:
How to cut into phone lines.
When they answer, all three
of you should be able to hear
each other.......................................


Trick 3: How to connect two people onto the phone, without them knowing.
You nead two phones, with three way
calling, for this trick as well. Simpely
call yourself on one of them, and three
way two numbers of your choise. This is
done almost the same way as cuting into
phone conversations. The only differnts is,
the called parties do not have to be talking
on the phone when you call them. Remember
that when you three way them, if your Using
landline, you can click right back, as soon as
the phones start ringing. If using cellular you
must wait for an answer before clicking back.
One person will think the other person called,
and visa virsa. Who knows, if you do it to people
that know each other it may strike a conversation,
which you could then listen to............................................
Trick 4: How to make your number seam to be disconnected.
To make your number seam to be
disconnected when it's really not,
simply forward your number to a
disconnected number. Then when
people try to call you, they will get
the classic disconnected message.
With some companies it seams
impossible to get your phone to
forward to a number thats been
disconnected. However there is
a backdoor meathed to just about
anything that seams imposible.......
I have never in my life seen a cell
phone company that won't allow
call forwarding to a disconnected
number. So if you ever run acrost
a company that won't let you
(most likely it'll be landline)
simply forward your cell phone number
to the disconnected number, and your
landline to your cell phone number, and
it should go right through no problem...
Trick 5: How to make your calls seam like they arigenated from another area.
In order to make a different number come up
 on peoples caller ID's, other than the number
 that your acauly calling from; simply have a
friend forward his/her numbers to the number
that you wish to call. You could then call your
 friends number from any location that you
 choose, and his/her number would show up
 on the called parties caller ID....................
This could also be accomplished by calling
 your friend and having him/her call the
 number three way. And you do the talking.
 Or he/she could join in too. Or whatever.
Also some calling card companies numbers,
will show up on peoples caller ID's as the
number that called, when you use there
service, to connect.
Trick 6: How people can hack into your voice mail box.


All voice mail boxes before being set up
have a temp passcode. (sometimes the
last 4 of your phone number) Alot of users never
even change theirs. Its usually a number like 1234
or 1111 ext......................................................
To hack a voice mail box just find out what the
temp code is and try it.....................................
I would say that at least 1/5 of all voice mail boxes,
with an operater greating. Have never had the passcode
changed. Just call the box access number. And dial
a persons number. When the greating comes on,
press the star button. sometimes it will be pound.
It may ask you for your password, or it may just
let you right in. but dial that systems temp passcode if it
doesn't. the only way you could get it
wrong if it is the last four digits of the phone number,

is if your calling a number derectly, that has been

forwarded to the number which is related to the voice

mail box. Some users like to use birthdays, birth 

years, numbers like 3131 and stuff like that,

some users even use 2468, 1359, 0420, 5150,

If its a four digit number you may have to call

in 3334 times get in. Some users even like to use their

mailing address,or last four of social as their password.

Trick 7: How to send a delayed message through voice mail.
You must have access to a voice mail box, that has delayed
message service available. What you do is record a message, inside
the system, then dial the phone number which you wish to send the
message out to. And it will tell you to press a sertain button for more
options (maybe 9) then on the next step if your not given an
option to send a delayed message press 4. You may have to
press a different number but it's 4 through the voice mail
system that I use........................................................
Sending a delayed message will let you send a message
up to 90 days in advance, and some machines up to 120
which you choose the arival of your message any time day
or night.....................
Trick 8: How people can hack up into your Answering machines.
Most modern answering machines can be
accessed remotely. I would say that over 75%
of all modern answering machines that can
be accessed remotely never have been.
I would say that at least 85%-95% still have
the same factory passcode as when first
purchased. If I was gonna try to hack an
answering machine I would, find out the
make and model number of the machine I
desired to hack. I would then go onto google,
and look for the manual. I'm sure that i'd find
it. I would then find the passcode that would let
me remotely access the ansering machine. It
would tell me exactly what steps I would nead to
take inorder to do it. oviously I would have to call
the number that the answering machine is related to.
Trick 9: How to do three way without even
 having three way on your phone.
All you need is two phones with speaker phone
access. You just call two people and hold the
speakers right next to each other.....................
You can also do it with 2 phones that have
in and out hookups like rca jacks/?
for sound. Just hook in, to out, and out, to in
with the propper plugins in to both phones.
then call acouple friends............................
A reason for doing this
If you have a friend calling from jail, and you do
three way through the phone company they
will disconnect your call...................................
Trick 10: How to call anybody by pressing just one button.
On a rottary phone you can acualy call someone
by pressing the hang up button. Sound impossible?
Just click it fast enough. example to call 411 you
would press the hang up button 4 times rapidly
take a real short pause press it one time, another
short pause and press it once again. I think you
get the picture.....................................................
411 is easyer to dial this way, than a 7 to 11
digit number. if you can get a hold of 411
you can look up anyone who you think may
be listed in the phone book. They should
connect your call.....................................
A reason for doing this.
Maybe Some of your numbers on your phone
may not be dialing out......................................
Trick 11: How to record a phone conversation
using a remote device.
Inorder to record a call for up to five minutes,
simpely call your voice mail and then when the
outgoing message comes on, just do three way
to the persons number who you wish to record.
any anwsering machine would also work..........
trick 12: How to place free phone calls.


1. Get a cell phone that connects to the

american roaming network, and you can dial

411, and make free calls to business numbers,

when you do a yellow page search.


2. Get an app on google play, that allows

you to make calls with your connected wifi.

3. Have a friend in your area forward his/her
number, to A long distance number, that you
wish to call, then call your friends number.
It will forward you to the party you wanna
reach. If that number isn't long distance to
your friend, then nobody will get charged.
Even if your friend unforwarded it after you
called, if it had time to forward through the call
would stay connected. And could be forwarded
for multiple people, by repeating the procedure for
each person. And they would all stay connected
until hangup.................................
4. Remote call forwarding will allow you to forward
your number from another phone (via an access
number) Making it possible to forward your number
to almost any number world wide...........=...
In almost all cases a Long distance call, done in this
manor will bill your line. However looking on the
bright side it is a way to bill a call to your number
without operator assistance. Just simply forward
your line to whatever number that you wanna call,
then call your home number, and your call will be
forwarded to that number and it will bill your line.
Each time someone calls. Find a friend who will do it
for you, and it'll be free. Good luck....................................
5. Call a friend and have him three way you
through to a number that you wish to call.
If that number is not long distance to your
friend, then nobody will get charged for
the call. If he/she has flash transfer (three
way with option to transfer) your friend
could hang up and the call would stay
connected. Your friend could also call and
transfer multiple people, with flash transfer,
by repeating this procedure for each person.
Trick 13: How to get phone service without having
to give a real name, address, or any persoal info.
If you sign up under a prepaid cellular account,
you can give the phone company fake info, when
they set up your number, and they will never know.
Trick 14: How to bill a third party call to your number, without anybody being home.
Simply put a message on your answering machine
saying, "atention operater please bill all third
party calls to this number, I repeat Operater
please bill all third party calls to this number.
You must talk to a live operater.

trick 15: How to bug any location, using a telephone. Landline/cellular.
What you must do is, get a phone with auto answer.
some cell phones auto answer, by hooking
the proper headphones up to them........................
Just call the number, whenever you wish to tap in.
Closing words
This document is for information purposes only.

I am in no way connected, to anything that
happens due to the info that you learn, from reading
this document. I am only connected, by being the person

who came up with this information, and it is to be

used for informational perposses only.



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