First things first. If it sounds like I am telling you

to do these phone tricks, I am not. I am only sharing

with you how they are done. None of them should

be done, whatsoever. Even if it sounds like I am telling you

to do them, it isn't true. I would say do at your own risk...

But I will say this instead. Don't do them at all,

so you don't get into trouble. Now here we go with the

tricks. They are for informational purposes only. I repeat do

not do these tricks even though they would work, if you did,

all of these tricks tricks listed here, are for informational

purposes only; the best purpose, of wanting to know these

tricks, is to know when someone is trying to phreak you.

You can Potentialy use the information that you will learn,

to play pranks on other people. But the reason that

I am sharing this info, is not for Phreaking purposes.

It isn't even Phreaking anyways. this proves that people

Can play these kind of pranks on you, without even

Having any Phreaking knowllege. If anybody was to

use these tricks in any way shape or forum, it could

be Very Illegal, and I don't condone that in any way.

You will learn,

Trick 1: 15 way to cut into phone conversations.

For informational purposes only.

so that you will know, if it is ever done to you.

you could easly, do it, but don't. All of the information,

is for informational purposes only, So you will know

If anybody is pulling any of these tricks on you.  

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For trick number 1 below, so you can show all of your friends.

Trick 2: How to join into a conversation with 2 friends if you're talking to one of them who has the other on call waiting.



Trick 3: How to connect two people onto the phone, without them knowing.






Trick 4: How to make your number seam to be disconnected.

Trick 5: How to make your calls seam like they originated from another area.

Trick 6: How to hack into a voice mail box.


Trick 7: How to send a delayed message through voice mail.


Trick 8: How to hack Answering machines.


Trick 9: How to do three way without even

 having three way on your phone.


Trick 10: How to call anybody by pressing just one button. 



Trick 11: How to record a phone conversation

 using a remote device.


trick 12: How to place free phone calls.


Trick 13: How to get phone service without having

to give a real name, address, or any personal info.


Trick 14: How to bill a third party call to your number,

without anybody being home.


trick 15: How to bug any location, using a telephone. \


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